2017年度にポモナ大学、Oldenborg CenterにてLanguage Residentを務めます、松尾彩花(まつおあやか)と申します。出身は長崎県佐世保市ですが、大学の4年間は東京で過ごしました。

Hi, everyone!

My name is Ayaka Matsuo. I am from Japan and I work as Japanese Language Resident at Oldenborg Center, Pomona College for 2017-2018. My hometown is Nagasaki, which is located in the South of Japan. I had been there until high school and I was in Tokyo for my university days.


Nagasaki Shop in Tokyo

大学では、言語教育を専攻しおり、2017年3月に大学を卒業しました。言語教育の中でも、外国語としての日本語教育を中心に学び、海外での日本語教育に興味を持ちました。この度は、米国での日本語教育に携わらせていただくことになり、ポモナ大学で日本語を学んでいる学生たちに会ったり、授業、Language Table、イベントの企画、運営をしたりするのをとても楽しみにしています。

I graduated from an university in March, 2017. I majored in Language Education, where my main focus is on Japanese Language Education as a foreign language. In particular, I am interested in Japanese Language Education outside of Japan. I am very much excited to teach to and study with students at Language Table, Cultural Events and Study Breaks.


Tokyo Station at Night


I love night views with a lot of lights. When I was living in Tokyo, I often had a several minutes walk from a station to my apartment just to see and feel being involved in such a massive city. My favorite is Tokyo Station at night, which is shown above.


Ginza at Night

Oldenborg Centerでは、会話クラスを開講したり、日本文化を紹介するイベントを運営したりします。また、ランチタイムのLanguage Tableには毎日いるので、是非遊びに来て下さい!

I not only teach conversation classes but also organize some cultural events at Oldenborg. I am at the table everyday during Language Table, too. Those who are interested in Japanese or Japan, please come and see me!